New Fireball Likely Dropped Some Meteorites

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New fireball today likely dropped some material. Early reports talk of explosive sonic bangs. Steve Arnold of Meteorite Men predicts 20 miles SW of Dallas.  We really need Dr. Fries with Doppler data to give us better info.


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  • Laura

    I live in odessa tx amd saw the meteor lastnight, wed. First thought it was a falling star. It was a green ball shaped, with a redish color streak. My husband thought he heard a boom sound when it looked like it went to the ground. I though then it might have been a plan.

  • Roy

    Same meteorite Wednesday night at either 8:45 or 9:00. I was putting gas in my car at 711 in Arlington, TX. Heard what I thought was a truck driving over a sewer lid or gas tank lid in the gas station parking lot. Then I looked around and nobody was there in the parking lot but me. Got the gas but figured out what I heard when the late news reported the story about the Meteorite. That was a distinct sound, definately a sonic boom.

  • Roy

    From the sound, that thing was bigger than any car or object like was reported in the news. I wouldn’t be suprised if that thing was three miles wide before entering the atmosphere. Probably landed in the Atlantic ocean based on the Geological surveys of earthquake activities Feb 02 at that time.

  • Wendell

    I saw the meteor directly over head and heard the sonic boom. I did not know at the time that this was a meteor, I thought someone shot off fire works. I was washing my truck today and found a small piece of material that fits all descriptions of a meteorite. It was on top of the truck and I know it was not there the day before. Just wondering !!!

  • Pat

    New track data from myself, Bill Cooke, Mike Hankey, and Jake ?. We put the strewn field close to Bob Sandlin Lake. I will be coming there this weekend to search also. If you want to coordinate my number is 817-300-3839.

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