Hunting for meteorites near Edgewood Texas

by on Feb.07, 2012, under meteor news

So far, we’ve made the news a few times while pushing the likely location farther and farther east. Now NE of Edgewood is my best guess of the day.

If anyone has found a meteorite fragment, please contact me via the contact page.  Fragments should be midnight black with a white/grey interior and a magnet should stick to them.

-McCartney Taylor

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  • Robert Chretien

    I live in Lufkin TX, and on Sunday morning I found in my back yard what looks to be a black fusion encrusted rock a little bit larger then my fist ( It’s total weight is 664 grams) there where 80 other smaller rocks scattered around it. I did a field test on it and it passes the meteorite test. If your interested I will take some pictures and send them to you.

  • Judy

    Robert are they truly meteorites?

  • Lisa McCollum

    Am I the only person that saw/heard the huge fireball last Saturday night between 10pm and 1030pm? The noise that caught my attention sounded like a roman candle. I live in Jacsonville south of Hwy 79. The “fireball” was moving from roughly NW to SE. I was in my backyard looking in the southern sky. We see “shooting stars” all the time but I have never seen anything this large nor have I ever heard a sound associated with seeing one.

  • Lisa McCollum

    Jacksonville, Teaxas,,,

  • james solis

    This is in response to Mr Taylor.
    I was in North San Antonio (281 hwy)Stone Oak area and i was testing out a newly purchased metal detector. I found 2 magnetic a rocks fitting your simple discription…. of course , when i gt back to house i checked magnetic status.. Both are.. I have considered slag metal paticals being that there was also a fire that ran thru this area i was. However, filing a small “window” shows traits consistant with meterotites. UNder digitl micro scope, it is very unusal with multiple variations of minerals. shapes and sizes. please contact me for details, photos etc. I also will call number

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