3rd Report from the Edgewood Strewnfield

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Today was a good day, we chose to head east of Hwy 19 and get reports.  We found several folks reporting hearing the sonic boom but were not outside to see it.

We then found a couple with a few hundred acres who let us search there property, he also had a vineyard and was kind enough to offer up several bottles of wine as a expedition sponsor of sorts. (Score!)

He also secured for us 1,000 acres of his neighbor’s land who had seen me on Channel 7 news in Tyler. The predicted strewnfield should traverse this property. The ground is flat and eaten down by cattle. Wonderful terrain for hunting.

Discussing the Doppler data with David Gonzales, we postulated that the meteorite event occurred between sweeps and the material was on the ground when the current image was taken. Our theory is that the return is off the dust and that it is blown south for several seconds when imaged.  That throws the strewnfield northerly.

We saw a wild boar that had been captured. It wanted to bite my foot. These critters are quite smart and considered land sharks as they eat flesh and also bone.

This was Stephen’s last day in the expedition. Our gracious patron invited us into his home and offered him some homemade wine from his vineyard and a chance to trade tales from our long and colorful past. The evening was quite a blast and not for mixed company.


So far we’ve not run into the fabled black panther, aka a dark mountain lion. But is is known to visit this property and the landowner lost all his chickens to it during the winter. I did see likely lion tracks in the mud down by the swamp. As to the Z problem, we had our first sightings tonight deep in the swamp so we think we are closing in on the strewnfield. Stay posted!

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  • Pat

    We have some new analysis from both seismographs and videos. I will be out this weekend. I think the field is a little more north close to the south end of Lake Tawakoni…close to the junction of Van Zandt and Kaufman county lines.

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